Question: How is your service different from websites and smartphone apps offering ratings and online reviews on Google Places, UrbanSpoon,, etc.?

Answer: We offer a customized solution that analyzes specifically your business, your strengths and weaknesses. With our solution, you can get answers to your specific questions and get the insights on winning against the competition. Also, it is a well-known fact on those websites and apps you will get only comments with extreme likes or dislikes, while 95% of your regular customers will never bother to leave feedback.


Question: How do you interview respondents for your studies?

Answer: We offer different ways of interviewing your customers depending on the scope of the study and the time when the results are needed. Depending on these factors we offer data collection via inviting your customers to fill in longer interviews online from home, or shorter surveys right at the restaurant on paper or tablets. To increase the likelihood of survey completion by your customers we recommend including an incentive in form of one or two $50 gift cards (the name of the winner is drawn from the list of customers who completed the survey and left their contact information).


Question: What is the cost of a standard study?

Answer: The price of the study depends on the number of studies you would like to do in a year and level of customization to the study. A basic study with little customization requires an investment of around $1290 (not including incentives or buying sample in other ways).


Question: Do you share the information you collect with outside companies and organizations?

Answer: We never share any of the information that we collect for your studies unless you provide written approval to do so (you may want to have this information shared for PR purposes). We also keep confidential any information we collect from your customers. At CustomXTrack we are very serious about the confidentiality of information.

Question: How many of my customers do you need to interview?

Answer: This will depend on the scope of the study and the question you would like to have answered. For example, if you want to understand how business is rated among different genders or age groups we may need more sample. For a basic study that looks at the total sample collected, we usually collect around 60 to 100 responses.

Question: Can I see the example of your survey?

Answer: Please contact us at with a request for a survey and we will send you one. Please note we have a few templated (non-customizable) studies. Majority of our marketing research studies can be customized according to your business issue and question.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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