Types of Our Research Studies:
  • CustomPulse

  • CustomCX Deep Dive

  • Menu Optimization

  • Market Sizing & Positioning

  • Product Innovation 

  • Advertising Research

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • Other Custom Studies

Our Areas of Expertise:
  • Bars/Pubs

  • Restaurants

  • Hair Salons

  • Massage/spa/tanning/nail salons

  • Fast-food chains

  • Retail

  • Hotels

  • Dealerships

  • B2B 

  • Other small and medium-sized businesses

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This study will provide a holistic overview of your business and consumers attitudes to it. The study will provide for 360-degree analysis of your business on the following points:

  • Pricing and the perceived worth of your product/service to the customer

  • Quality of the service/product

  • Customer service satisfaction

  • Satisfaction with the overall experience


This study will also allow you to compare yourself with your competitors through the use of Marketing Norms.

Starting from: $1,290*

* - All Studies: Discounts available for multiple location studies and studies with multiple waves

Prices do not include incentives or other costs for the sample

CustomCX Deep Dive

Customer Loyalty: Understand the magic – what they like about you and what they dislike. Knowing what keeps them coming back over and over again is the secret to your success. Loyalty is the magic when they start talking about you and referring you to others.

  • In-depth service satisfaction research

  • Satisfaction with the overall experience

  • Satisfaction with food

  • Etc. (for this study custom questions are available)

The other part of this customer satisfaction study will assess the overall menu and if customers feel there is a sufficient number of options to chose in each of the menu parts: appetizers, main dish, desserts, and drinks.

Starting from: $1,290
Menu Optimizer

Menu Optimizer Study will allow you to access and improve the selection of different food and drinks options on your menu. By asking your consumers questions about the item on the menu they just had you will be able to understand the following

  • what they chose

  • why they chose what they ordered

  • did they like what they ate,

  • do they feel the quality and the size of the item they had is adequate

  • do they feel the satisfaction to price ratio perceptions is about right

  • will they take this item on your menu the next time they come

  • are they prepared to pay a little more for the item

Starting from: $1,430
Market Sizing &
Positioning Study

Perfect for finding a niche, opening a new business, or repositioning your current business to win in the competitive market. The study will help understand

  • the market size,

  • interest for your type of business in the area,

  • how do position and differentiate vs. competition,

  • if there is a niche for a specific type of service or product,

  • if there is a pricing niche not currently taken by others,

  • if there is experience customers are lacking from the competition that can boost your differentiation.

Starting from: $1,430
Advertising Research

Testing your ads before placing them in front of your customers is critically important. Stronger ads are better noticed, easily connected to your business, and have a stronger impact on consumers a motivation to chose your services and products. This results in a higher Return on Investment (ROI) for your advertising campaign. 

The study is designed to show the early concept or finalized ad to a set of your potential customers and analyzes the following:

  • Likelihood to get noticed and interest people.

  • Ability to identify and remember the ad is for our business

  • Ad style and messaging uniqueness (ads that are different from the others are more likely to be remembered).

  • Perceptions people get from the ad.

  • Ease of understanding the ad.

  • Relevance, credibility of the information provided.

  • Motivation (likelihood to find out more, likelihood to consider using your services and products).

Formats tested:

  • Online ads (video and static) - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ads.

  • Print ads.

  • Out-of-home ads.

  • TV ads.

Starting from: $1,090*

* - while the study can be performed among your current customers, it is recommended to target your potential customers. The sample for potential customers is recruited and is priced separately.

Employee Satisfaction Study

Satisfaction study among your employees is an important part of improving your overall business and customer satisfaction (happier workers provide better service).

The study will measure:

  • employees’ perceptions about your business,

  • satisfaction with the place, their pay, hours,

  • likelihood to stay and recommend to friends as a place to work.

  • key strengths of your business they like

  • weaknesses that they believe could make your business a more enjoyable place to work.

Starting from: $820
Custom Studies

In addition to the studies listed above, we can work to identify your specific business issues and objectives and can come up with a custom solution to help inform them.

Starting from: to be discussed (depends on the study)

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